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Who Are We at FPC?

People in Search of a Relationship with God

We are members of the Norfolk community -- your neighbors and friends. We are a Bible-believing congregation who gather to hear God's word for us on the Lord's Day. Our worship style is "blended"; a mixture of traditional and more modern elements, which is meant to reflect the diversity of our congregation. Our goal is to be known as the friendliest congregation in Norfolk. Come and join us this Sunday!

What's New at FPC

 Norfolk Schools in Malawi is going to be receiving another shipment from the Orphan Grain Train. Some of the items the school could use are:




Desktop computers

Flat screens

Flat screens charts


Projector screens

Electric Generators



Kindle readers

Public Address system



School Bus



Musical instruments: brass, drums, guitars, etc.

graduation gowns & mortarboards (maroon)

Norfolk Schools in Malawi Graduates

2020 Malawi Grads.jpg

Folks Receiving Help in Malawi

These are some of the folks who received assistance from our last aid shipment. There was a severe drought and famine last year, and though the rains have been better this year, the need for food aid will continue this year.

Rejoicing Ushers  Beneficiaries.jpg
Marathon Run from Wayne to Norfolk.jpeg

Raising Funds for Malawi Private Schools, Norfolk

 The 4th annual "Run for Funds" again helped raise funds for Malawi Private Schools, Norfolk.  Held on May 20, the weather was cold, but the runners were able to brave the elements. FPC alone contributed $1110 to the fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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